Wireless Security

Your Security Risk

Wireless connectivity has become a standard expectation with so many devices having a wireless connectivity need.

Secure Wireless Connectivity is an important requirement to the business infrastructure with the proliferation of tablet, mobile and other wireless devices.

It does however pose security threats and complicated access management issues to prevent attempts to intrude your network, access by unauthorised devices and the dissemination of malware.

While basic WiFi can be provided with a £5 access point, providing secure wireless connectivity can be more difficult. The detection and blocking of rouge access points, use of enterprise authentication (such as 802.1x) as well as posture checking of endpoints can only be done on suitable enterprise systems.

Our Business Solution

NTS engineers create a secure central platform from which the business has the ability to manage the access of a wireless device, whether a guest user device, employee or business owned.

This ensures the application of security policies to all users granted access.

The right solution will improve performance, reliability & speed for the end user, and the provision of wireless connectivity for IT support will reduce on site costs and the solution can be remotely managed in most cases.

An intelligent and secure wireless solution gives the business the potential opportunity to reduce the cost of provision and installation of hardware and office desktop space.