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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Office 365, Dropbox... There's more to the internet than URL's and Categories.

Historically, a web filter maintained a large database of URL's and their category. Policy consisted of either a blacklist or whitelist, controlling what categories users could access.

Then there was the "Web 2.0". The Internet became more than web sites; web applications are now commonplace. Looking deeper, Facebook is more than just Social Media. Embedded games such as Candy Crush, Farmville etc. mean that you need a way to granularly control access, both to URL categories, as well as web applications.

Once you've decided what sites and applications users can visit, you need to make sure those sites haven't been infected with malicious software. Web Browsing is one of the most common attack methods for malware. With the continued use of Flash, Java, Silverlight and many other plug-ins that almost always, are not up-to-date, means you need a way to protect your users and their data.

Finally, consider what information could be leaked through a web browser. Access to online storage such as Dropbox; webmail such as Google Mail and collaboration sites such as Office365 means that users have the ability to upload sensitive business data.

How can you control this? The traditional method is to block it all - "They can't harm us if they can't do it" mentality. Then you need to collaborate with a third party on a particular project, or your CEO wants to access his Gmail account while at work. How can this ad-hoc policy be formalised and scaled up to an enterprise level?

Our Security

NTS can first help your business to define, devise and enforce a bespoke web access policy. Expert engineers will then deploy, configure and manage industry leading devices that help your business to get the balance right between restriction & permission. These centralised security solutions are able to report on web activity, provide malware security and web filtration using both categorisation plus web-application awareness.

Web Content Security solutions provide clear business benefits; increased bandwidth through reduction of spam and streaming web apps, increased visibility and control of users web activity whilst protecting against the threat of malware and botnets.

NTS can assist with the deployment process; performing installation, tuning and documentation tasks, as well as knowledge transfer to your staff who will be using the system day-to-day.

Options are available to provide any level of assistance from break/fix support to an all-encompassing out-tasked service.