Remote Access

Your Security Risk

Not all work is done in the office. Working from home is now a viable way for companies to reduce overhead costs as well as providing a more flexible environment to their employees.

Remote Access solutions are no-longer the domain of a "road warrior" travelling sales person. People have home offices, where they expect to be able to work as if they were in the corporate head office.

The ability to be connected to the corporate network, access the Intranet site, file shares and IP telephony services are now seen as mandatory. When people work from home, they want the ability to speak or video-chat with their colleagues, as this can reduce the impact of them not being at the office.

With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, users want to be able to do more than just receive email on their device, meaning a more advanced and secure connection to the corporate network is needed.

With the need for remote access, you need to be sure that virus riddled devices are not allowed on to the network. Perhaps you require that only company provided devices are allowed access, or even the level of access that a user receives changes, depending on if they are using a corporate device or not.

Our Business Solution

NTS can work with you to fully understand your requirements, and then recommend the best product to fulfil your needs.

Have pre-existing security policies or need assistance with the creation of security policies? NTS can help. Correctly deployed Remote Access systems could save your business time, money and effort.

NTS can assist with the deployment process; performing installation, tuning and documentation tasks, as well as knowledge transfer to your staff who will be using the system day-to-day.

Options are available to provide any level of assistance from break/fix support to an all-encompassing out-tasked service.