Perimeter Security

Your Security Risk

Traditionally, IT security best practice was to ensure you had a strong, secure network perimeter. Clearly defined ingress / egress points, with layers of firewalls protecting these points ensured that all of your systems were protected.

The downside to this method was that it created a false sense of security. A "hard shell" often led to a "soft centre"; where attackers, malware and rogue employees had free reign.

With the new technologies being adopted within the business, it can now be quite difficult to identify your perimeter as it may change on a day to day basis. Simply securing the network perimeter is not enough.

However, perimeter security is still needed. Internal network segmentation, along with the creation of multiple de-militarised zones (DMZ) mean the "soft centre" is now somewhat stronger.

Traditional perimeter devices were able to protect your information only from a network level allowing Host A to communicate with Host B using Port X. This level of protection is no longer enough.

Almost every firewall vendor now has a Stateful Packet Inspection. What other features might be useful? Intrusion Protection can be incorporated, ensuring protection up to layer 7 of the OSI model. Integrated Web Filtering and AntiVirus can be useful for some, and the Application Awareness offered in most firewalls now means you can have more granular control.

For more information about the additional features you may want to incorporate into your perimeter security, see the option on the left of the page.

Our Businesss Solution

NTS' trained consultants partner with the industry's leading firewall manufacturers to bring the most suitable solution to our customers business, with ongoing support and management review.

Depending on your technical needs, compliance requirements and budget, NTS can recommend a firewall to fit.

Migration from you current system can be handled by our Professional Services Consultants. Take advantage of their experience and get a Firewall Policy Review at the same time.

NTS can assist with the deployment process; performing installation, tuning and documentation tasks, as well as knowledge transfer to your staff who will be using the system day-to-day.

Options are available to provide any level of assistance from break/fix support to an all-encompassing out-tasked service.