Intrusion Detection

Your Security Risk

A firewall may not be enough to secure your data. Most firewalls work at layer 4 on the OSI model, looking at IP addresses and protocol / port numbers. This is fine for allowing traffic through, but it does nothing to inspect that traffic to make sure it is not doing any harm.

Our Technical Director has the following analogy:

A firewall is like a doorman at a nightclub. They check the ID of people as they come in or out, and that's pretty much it. Once they accept the person (or connection), there's nothing more they can do.

The Intrusion Detection and Prevention system is like the doorman who wonders around, inside the nightclub. Making sure people are behaving, not fighting etc. They are able to get more details about a situation, and become more aware of other things.

An IDP system is exactly like that. It looks at the upper layers of the network stack (4 - 7) to get more details about the connection, and to make sure it isn't doing something wrong like checking for SQL injection attacks and Cross Site Scripting (XSS).

Network intrusions could have real impact to your business and are often maliciously or financially motivated. A firewall is not always enough to protect your business from the multitude of threats that exist. Inappropriate or malicious traffic (like remote attacks), traffic that violates Internet protocols, anomalous or unexpected activity (caused for example by network worms) are some of the threats which even a correctly configured stateful inspection firewall may not protect from.

Our Business Solution

NTS work together with your business to determine whether a separate IDS/IPS system is necessary (some firewalls now incorporate ID technology) and devise the best implementation strategy. NTS configure, deploy and manage Intrusion Detection and Prevention solutions. Such solutions can detect and analyse anomalies and put the incident in context to reduce false positives, auto alert to ensure rapid response. Rapid response is key and NTS maintain consistent communication with your business whilst resolving problems as they occur.