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No longer is Email Security solely concerned with spam.

Targeted attacks, Phishing, Data Loss, Auditing, Compliance and Confidentiality concerns are now well and truly in the domain of Email Security.

The use of Email is now so ubiquitous that most, if not all businesses rely heavily on it for vital internal and external communications. The prevalence of email-enabled Smart Phones means that Email is constantly on, with the user 24/7, wherever they are.

Data Loss via email is on the rise varying from users mistakenly sending to the wrong address, to maliciously leaking data to themselves or others. How much sensitive data do you own that at some point or another has been sent via email? What controls can you put on data when it's sent via emails? How can you control access to an attachment once it leaves your network?

Phishing is used by attackers to get users to provide personal information, such as credit card details, bank account numbers, passwords etc. This can be achieved by imitating a bank's login screen, or simply asking the user to reply to the email with their password.

Targeted attacks are more sophisticated than Phishing. They target certain people in the business to learn key information, which could then be used in further attacks. Targeted attacks will be specific to a particular person or people with something in common, and will have a higher rate of success.

Auditing is becoming a more widespread requirement; from companies looking to provide reputable email archiving, to legal and compliance reasons to keep all emails for audit purposes.

Of course spam still exists, so your Email Security Solution had better protect against this as well.

Our Business

NTS work with the industry leaders in Email Security, to offer a customised solution to suit your business needs. NTS are experts in the selection, deployment and management of products which incorporate viral, Spam, Data Loss, Targeted Attacks and Phishing Protection from ever evolving risks.

An Email Security deployment may include many aspects, to provide adequate coverage to protect your business, your employees and your data. Our Pre-Sales consultants work with you to explore your Email Security needs and then create a proposal specifically for you.

NTS can assist with the deployment process; performing installation, tuning and documentation tasks, as well as knowledge transfer to your staff who will be using the system day-to-day.

Options are available to provide any level of assistance from break/fix support to an all-encompassing out-tasked service.