Data Loss Management

Your Security Risk

What is important to your business? What is your USP? What would happen if your “secret sauce” recipe got sent out to your competition?

Compliance with various legislations, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX or the Data Security Act means you have to protect sensitive and confidential data.

Either accidental or purposeful theft of confidential or valuable data can have a large impact to your business. Fines may be levied, brand reputation can be compromised, and business may be lost to your competitors.

Data Loss Prevention is the technology that is able to detect and stop these types of leaks. Accidentally sending an email to the wrong recipient, outside your organisation can be stopped. Sending Personal Identifiable Information via email or web can be detected and alerted on. Using sample data from your business, we can look for information being sent out unprotected (like in a Word Document instead of PDF).

Our Business Solution

Solutions are often viewed as complex or labour intensive but NTS make it simple by offering multiple vendor solutions to suit your business demands.

Our engineers look at the risks unique to your business before selecting and implementing a solution. Key is the identification of valuable data, current storage, access and the leakage problems that may currently exist and then providing simple or sophisticated solutions based on your business needs that detect & monitor valuable data in motion, in use and at rest.