Authentication Management

Your Security Risk

How do you keep track of your users? What about temporary staff? Contractors? Third Parties or even Vendors?

Products such as Active Directory provide much of this, allowing you to have a centralised repository of users that can be used elsewhere, and can be authenticated against with protocols such as LDAP.

Many times adding or editing users within Active Directory takes too long and if you have a visiting engineer that is only with you for two days, the account may not get created before they leave!

Without an effective authentication management solution your business faces unauthorised and anonymous access. Consider this the key to your business, your network and its proprietary data.

Our Business Solution

NTS works closely with your business to design and implement a bespoke authentication management policy and solution with several business objectives in mind:

  • Provide secure access quickly so employees and business partners can be productive without delay.
  • Provide single sign-on to applications to increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity.
  • Protect network, assets and data by managing user access during personnel changes.
  • Provide self-service functionality and delegated administration to reduce help desk costs and user administration activities.
  • Provide efficient auditing capabilities by enabling real-time analysis of the access privileges and activities to help meet regulatory requirements.

Our expertise will help your business to implement all aspects of your identity and access management solution, including identity management portals, single sign-on solutions, strong authentication solutions, total access security encompassing firewall, AV, content management and provisioning.